Happy-New-YearHello you gorgeous people. Welcome to what will be a spectacular 2015!

Things are already busy for me and I hope they are in your business too.

Here at JMC HQ we (I use that term loosely) are in the midst of planning for what we hope will be our biggest year ever.

We’ll celebrate six years in business in 2015 so I think we’re due for a shake up! New projects, new strategies and new channels are all in my marketing mix. What’s in yours? Do you have a defined marketing element in your strategic plan this year?

When I’m working on planning with my clients I naturally approach their business from the perspective of my business: marketing.

Always consider how to get the most mileage from any change, event, new product or announcement. Be that media (free or paid), website traffic, promotions or simply an email campaign. Flag each milestone in your strategic plan with a marketing idea.

Communication is at the heart of all marketing; this year take every opportunity to talk to your customers and clients.

Happy new year!

– Jane