how-to-write-an-about-pageImagine your Dream Client has just landed on your website, they like what they see and want to know more about you. Curious, they head to your About page.

Does your About page inspire your dream client? Does it compel them to want to work with you? Or is it a boring few hundred words cut and pasted from your CV?

Did you know that your About page can make or break a sale?

People aren’t just buying products, they’re buying an experience, an interaction, a human touch. People don’t buy from brands. People buy from people. People buy from you.

Your About page is about so much more than just your qualifications, your history and your hobbies. It’s about you: your story, your brand, your why.

Your About page is the equivalent of a cup of tea and a chat with your customers, a chance to get to know you and why you are here, doing what you do, every day. Have a look around at the people you admire and engage with online, how do their About pages read? You’ll notice that the good ones tell a story. A personal, relatable story that evokes emotions in the reader: happiness, empathy, sadness, excitement, motivation….

A good About page draws your customers in and should leave them feeling like they know you, or at least part of you, and that they want to get to know you better. It’s like the website equivalent of speed dating. You have 30 seconds to engage your customer and be memorable.

I’m not talking about being different for the sake of being different but there are considerations that will transform your About page from mundane to mesmerising!

As with all things marketing, your About page should be targeted at your target audience. I know I harp on about target audiences but, seriously, every single thing you do comes back to your audience. When you are writing your About page, your ideal audience should feel you are talking to them personally; as if you were there, face to face, explaining your story to them.

Three simple questions to ask yourself before you sit down to write your engaging About page:

  • How do you want your audience to feel when they’re reading your about page? Inspired is pretty much number one for me! Intrigued? Comforted? Confident?
  • What action do you want them to take?
  • What can you change for your customers? More time, less overwhelm, more money, less mental clutter, more bananas, fewer apples….

Here’s a some simple tips on how to write an about page that engages your dream clients and reels them in hook, line and sinker.

The Hook

What’s your big opener? This is your big chance at capturing your audience’s attention with a big, bold memorable statement or a question to pique your reader’s interest. Your opener should leave no doubt in your reader’s mind that they have found someone they want to connect with.

  • Are you ready to step into greatness and live your truth?
  • I am here to help you achieve your dreams today.
  • I’m here to set you free.
  • What would you do if you had more time?

The Line

Here’s your opportunity to declare your genius! Distil into one line how you solve one BIG problem for your audience. We are all in the business of providing solutions for our customers. Focus on the solution you deliver.

For example:

  • We create engaging digital brands (without the tech overwhelm).
  • I’m Jane and I help small businesses build a website they can be proud of without technical dramas.
  • I’m Jane and I am passionate about helping working mums find balance in their lives so they can spend more time with their kids without worrying about their business.

A simple formula: you help [your target audience] achieve [their goal] without [their pain point].

Keep it simple. Stick with one BIG problem and your unique solution.

Think about the number one thing you do to deliver a solution to your clients (sometimes this is called the 30 second pitch, cocktail party pitch or an elevator pitch) – distil it to its simplest, least cluttered form. This can take a few goes (feel free to share in the Facebook group for discussion).

The Sinker

This is the chance to share how you got to where you are today.

What were the pivotal moments in your journey? What was your revelation, your turning point, your a-ha moment?

Tell your story in a deeply personal way. Think about writing that you love to read and the About pages that have engaged you. In reality, for many of us, our target audiences are a reflection on us and what we love. Bring more of that love into your about page.


  • Be authentic. Always. Your customers are here for you. In saying that, unless you are a team (if you are, introduce yourselves as individuals).
  • Write in the first person. Not the third person, it sounds icky and weird, just as it feels icky and weird to write about ourselves in the third person!
  • Make it strong. Make it powerful. Make it meaningful.

Download the About Page workbook to get going!

You can read my About page here.