Right now our dream clients are being overwhelmed with ads, messaging and people asking (at times, it feels like demanding) them to BUY MY THING.

And we’re fatigued, we’re tired of the constant cold pitching, the DMs, the sly selling and the sleazy tactics that just feel UGH!

You know that feeling when you are in a “live” webinar and you realise your question is never going to be answered (despite the “hi Carol, great to see you, hi Dave, hi Karen…” because it’s not live at all and you’ve succumbed to a guru’s evergreen funnel and you just know you’re going to receive an endless stream of emails from them?

It feels misleading, sleazy and ​grossly inauthentic yet it’s what the “gurus” have been teaching us to do for years. Sure, it may work for them with their lists of thousands but it doesn’t work for us.

You and me who want to show up and serve our customers in a truly authentic and transformational way. That’s just not how we roll, sister.

This is why intimacy is the future of marketing. It’s the only real way to understand your clients, their problems, their needs and how what you do can change their life.

From a marketing perspective, knowing your dream clients on an intimate level helps you create messaging that speaks directly to your clients in such a way that it demonstrates how well you know them, that you understand their problem and that you are the person with the solution.

This is the opposite of sleazy selling: this is service.

This is why when I work with my clients we go really deep on their dream clients and what problems they are facing and I help them to create a package that delivers the solution to their dream clients’ problem.

Not what we think, assume, or presuppose they need. What they actually need.

It’s taken me years (and many, many gurus’ “live webinars” of learning LOL) to develop my signature system that ​helps my clients take a deep-dive on their dream clients and be able to articulate their messaging in such a way that there isn’t any feeling of ickiness; it feels perfectly aligned and when you feel aligned with your messaging it’s much easier to show up in your marketing! It reduces that resistance you may feel to showing up.

It’s much easier to feel authentic in your marketing which makes it much easier for your clients to feel connected to you. This amplifies your message and takes your clients through the journey of getting to know you, growing to like you and then trusting that you are the person that has the solution to their problem. It also helps people who are not your dream clients self-select themselves to not want to work with you as they won’t gel with you or your message.

Think about the content you create: is it cookie-cutter, trying to keep up with the people who seem to be crushing it on the internet so you just do what they do and say what they say?

Or is it human, vulnerable, flawed?

Vulnerability is an incredibly powerful element of every personal brand. Connection is one of our basic human needs and when we get vulnerable (thank you, Brené Brown – click here to watch Brené’s video on The Power of Vulnerability), life simply feels more powerful.

Vulnerability is also why video is such a powerful medium for connecting with your clients (and why, half way through writing this I decided to record this as a video): humans love to connect with other humans!

This is why we love watching people’s video out-takes: humans love comedy.
Or hearing them gaffe on camera, it makes them relatable.
Or hearing their stories of vulnerability: it makes them human.

I know video can be really scary for some people but start small, dip your toe in and just go live on your Facebook page or on IGTV or do what I do and write a blog post and record yourself speaking it out aloud. But just start! Your dream clients are out there, waiting for you to show up and change their life!

Give your dream clients an opportunity to get to know you. With all your flaws and your awkwardness (especially so in my case). Take your beautiful personality and shine your weird light really bright, my friends, because that is how you make real human connections and that is how your dream clients connect with you, the real you.

Here’s a pro tip: use a teleprompting app on your phone so you don’t lose track of what you want to say and so nerves don’t overwhelm you – a teleprompter also reduces the “umms” and “aahs” (there’s always going to be some because #authenticity). I use an Android app called Nano Teleprompter.