business-coach-for-womenI heard a marketing lecturer say that the only way to get customers when you’re starting a business is to steal someone else’s.

I was shocked, I must say! (And this wasn’t the dark ages, this was 2017 and this man teaches marketing at an MBA level).

This approach flies in the face of everything I believe about marketing and the strategies I work through with my clients.

When you’re in business the way to get clients is to get clear on who you want to work with, identify their number one pain point and how you solve it (in your own unique way). Communicate this one solution clearly and in your target audience’s language and voila! Engaging messaging, done! Demonstrating this empathy with your client and their frustration builds trust with your dream clients.

You’ve been through the Dream Client workbook, right? (If not, get it here). So you know who your client is, intimately.

Where are your clients at, right now? What is their biggest frustration and what is the solution that you deliver? Where’s their mindset at?

To me, marketing’s role is to break down the friction in the sales process. Basically we are educating our dream clients about the solutions we provide to their majors frustrations and pains.

Marketing is about presenting a solution to your dream client’s biggest problem in an irresistible way. It needs to be a no-brainer to take the next step and your marketing needs to make that next step clear.

So, here are the 5 steps to take you closer to knowing your target audience and your target audience one step closer to solving their number one pain point.

Step 1. Educate yourself

One of the number one problems I see is people presuming they are their target audience. You’re not. You know too much to be your target audience. Ask your clients about their fears and frustrations, dreams and aspirations. Set up a mini survey in Survey Monkey, share it in Facebook groups where your target audience hangs out, ask questions, or give away free 15 minute calls in the name of market research. If you want to know more, read/listen to Ryan Levesque’s Ask.

Step 2. Familiarise yourself with your target audience’s pain points

I see resistance arise in the same areas again and again for my clients. You probably see it too. Think about these issues and the solutions you have developed for them; or, if you don’t see clients face-to-face, think about the frequently asked questions in your business, there is market research gold in them. If these issues are arising again and again then they are most likely common to many members of your target audience.

Work out your clients’ top five pain points and the solutions you have to them.

Step 3. Be solution driven

Take your client’s #1 pain and work out one single step they can take towards solving this problem. Keep it simple, keep it small.

Step 4. Make a plan

Take the solution you devised in Step 3 and create something easy to consume that partially solves your client’s biggest pain point. A video, a one-page worksheet, a quiz. You have 5 minutes max. of their time. Focus on short and simple. One pain, one solution.

Step 5. Take action

One of the biggest failures I see in business is a lack of action. We have amazing, transformational ideas that can change our clients’ lives. And then we sit on them. Implement!

SHARE you magnificent but short and simple solution. By taking your clients one small step away from their pain and towards their goal you are developing the a relationship with your dream client.

AND REPEAT for the other four pain points you have devised and you have a whole lot of content planned for your business!

Don’t forget: Mindset + Strategy = Success