Keshena-Libbis-Social_confettiA Conversation with Keshena Libbis – Social Confetti

Keshena Libbis who bravely started her own business, Social Confetti, in the year that was… 2020. Enough said?

Keshena is a Social Media Manager who is all about helping you celebrate your socials and grow. Keshena is a crafty creative type, coffee lover and content creator. As someone who spent way too much time on social media anyway, she decided she may as well make it her career and get paid for it!

Her favourite thing is to bring the lol’s by way of offering you up funny memes like a cat would leave you a dead lizard at the backdoor. 

Find out more about Keshena here: socialconfettico.com or find her on Instagram.

A Conversation with Louise Bedford – The Trading Game

A Conversation with Louise Bedford – The Trading Game

A Conversation with Louise Bedford - The Trading Game Louise Bedford is a best-selling author of five books on the stock market. She is a behavioural finance expert and has degrees in Psychology and Business. Louise has been running the 6-month repeat-for-free...

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