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marketing support and guidance to grow your business in a sustainable, aligned & intentional way
1:1 Marketing Coaching
Whether it's tech help, content creation, or you just don't know where to start, I can help.

Work with me for one hour, six weeks or six months to transform your business marketing. 

Get out of the "I don't know what to post -> What if people judge me -> What if no one buys my offer -> Ugh I just want to burn it all and start again" marketing hamster wheel and get clear, confident and consistent with your marketing selling offers that you love!

I support my clients as a marketing coach based on 17+ years in the industry, hands-on technical expertise, strategic guidance, branding and digital design knowledge as well as professional copywriting expertise.  

Are you Ready for More?

More fulfilment?
More fun?
More financial stability?
More freedom?

You started a business with so much optimism and instead, you are left with a day-to-day life that feels busy (OMG SO BUSY), and frustrating. You don’t have a business you love, you have a business you resent.

It feels like starting a business promised so much yet delivered so little (and has taken so much energy, time, and emotion).

You started a business to create freedom in all areas of your life only to be left riding the unpredictable (and sometimes scary) emotional and financial rollercoaster that makes so many entrepreneurs quit.

I hear you and I see you.

You *know* you were meant for so much more but you feel like everyone else seems to know something you don’t: like there is some secret code that will unlock everything you desire.

What do they know that you don’t?

I promise you that the only thing separating you from that 6-figure or even 7-figure entrepreneur is that she’s better at marketing.

That’s it.

And I want to help you change that.

If you want to:

Design your life and a business that supports you to achieve your vision
Work with your dream-boat clients that respect your boundaries
Create a brand that you are proud to share with the world
Define offers that are aligned with your values and feel fabulous to sell
Be crystal clear on your magnetic messaging
Craft a content plan that feels good, attracts your dream clients and doesn't require dancing or pointing (unless you want to)

But you don't want to:

Feel like your business isn't supporting you
Feel like you have to constantly show up
Spend your entire life on your phone
Feel like you are constantly "pushing" to get content out
Squeeze yourself into another "guru's" system that worked for them but not for you
Send cold DMs to strangers
Feel like you are constantly pushing uphill with no results
Go and get a "real" job

AND you don't know:

Why it seems to work for everybody except you?
What "magic pill" everyone else seems to have that you don't?
Why when you sit down to really make a go of your marketing you instantly feel overwhelmed?
How to actually create a marketing strategy that helps you show up confidently and consistently?
Whether you should just go and get a "real" job?

If this sounds familiar...

and all you want is to work with a marketing expert without those icky "sales" vibes, without buying yet another course that just adds to your overwhelm or paying a ridiculous amount of money to some self-proclaimed guru...

Then this is for you.

Here's exactly what you get:

Private, personalised, 1:1 coaching to take your business to the next level
Weekly 75-minute coaching sessions (plus an Intro session)
Unlimited private access (via a channel of your choice i.e. Instagram DMs, Voxer, Telegram, email, etc.) where we can chat daily (Monday-Friday) and you will have my coaching, support, feedback and guidance on anything and everything you need (this is where the real magic happens!) ✨
Expert marketing strategy, support and guidance so you can grow your business in an aligned and scalable way while feeling super aligned and intentional in the actions you take

If you are on a mission to make an impact, stand out from the crowd, and build a business you love, then read on... 😍

While my approach is anything but cookie-cutter, this is an overview of what we will cover in our time together:

Define your epic goals that feel really good (and a roadmap to get you there)
Create your bold vision that feels impactful and embodies your truth
Clarify your unique skillset (what can you do, what do you do differently from everyone else?)
A package suite that feels like a f*ck yes and gives your clients epic transformations without burning you out in the process
Consistency that goes beyond “post on social media four times a week” and delves into the greatest representation of self and what you stand for
In-depth, detailed clarity on your dream clients and what motivates them to buy
Messaging that feels truly aligned and goes to the core of what you stand for
A bulletproof mindset that enables you to show up with clarity every day
A platform for thought leadership that enables you to create a legacy business
A plan to consistently market yourself in a way that feels easy and aligned
A personal brand that feels utterly aligned and is a true embodiment of your true self
A content roadmap that supports what you are going to sell, where you’re going to sell it and how

You didn't start a business to spend your life stressed about how to attract, engage and convert clients.

Are you ready to create a marketing strategy that feels beautifully aligned and selling actually feels good?

1:1 Power Hour (ish)

75-90 minutes of absolute fire 🔥 conversation about you, your business your lifestyle and the magic you are creating. Get my eyeballs, energy and expertise in and on your business. You will walk away with the clear next steps to set your goals on fire and take the next quantum leap in your business. 

Plus you get 30 minutes/week over the next four weeks of email/DM support, guidance and feedback as you implement all we discussed. It's like having a marketing expert on speed dial! 

Some clients use this option to have monthly marketing "tune-ups" so they have ongoing, professional marketing advice once they have established their offers, content and sales system.

Investment: $397


1:1 Marketing Coaching

6 Week Commitment


12 Week Commitment


6 Month Commitment / Ongoing


Including GST for Australian clients. *Pay in full. Payment plans are available.


I can’t wait to help you get visible, establish your authority as a thought leader and attract and engage your dream clients.

I work with my clients to create the business they envision so they can serve more clients, make more money and change more lives.


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