A Conversation with Monica Schrock – Copywriter at Unsocially Inclined

Today I am talking to Monica Schrock, copywriter at Unsocially Inclined.

Monica is a cautiously optimistic, introverted copywriter and marketing consultant with a mean coffee habit and serious nerd streak living in the Pacific Northwest. She revels at the intersection between integrity and strategy, hoping to make the world a better place one word at a time.

Monica has spent the last 14 years navigating the extroverted field of marketing, helping over 200 clients craft their brand message, and increase their sales or donations from double to over ten times. Her true joy lies at the moment she gets to craft a message that captures the essence of why a movement, organization, or brand was created. She helps rebelliously mission-driven, introverted folx make a full-time income with their service-based business without the pressure of acting extroverted through inclusive marketing and messaging that feels good to them.

Find Monica on social at @unsociallyinclined and at her website unsociallyinclined.com.