linda-reed-enever-podcastI had an absolutely hilarious and authentic conversation with the amazingly talented Linda about the ickiness around marketing, the evolution of small business and a lack of Friday night drinks.

About Linda (in her own words):

I love what I do. I know everyone says that but in my case it is true. PR and Marketing is a career that found me because it was what I was meant to do.

As the founder of Business Business Business, Media Connections and Director at Thoughtspot PR, each day I get to connect with business owners and help them share their story.

They say an entrepreneur is a person who solves a problem and that’s been the driving force behind Business Business Business, Media Connections and ThoughtSpot PR. Each has a focus on connecting business to the tools and resources they require to make their mark. I’ve always enjoyed working with people, networking and uncovering unique opportunities to stand out in the business world.

In 2014 this led me to found Business Business Business, an online resource and networking site which employs my passion and strengths uniting business with opportunity, and the right resources at the right time.

Initially a Facebook group, it is now a seminal business website where over 20,000 members share their experience and seek information to guide their business journey. And it was born from my own experience in the small business realm.

In 2012 I launched ThoughtSpot PR, offering business owners and entrepreneurs a personalised PR solution that utilised different thinking. It was founded on a commitment to finding individual public relations methods and branding to suit their needs.

The success I’ve enjoyed in this field has seen me labelled the “go to” girl. It also led to the creation of Media Connections, where the media can easily connect with the stories businesses have to tell.

I’m one of those people who wakes in the night with bright ideas and who ponders issues until they’re resolved.

In all three of my business ideas, connections and telling stories are key!

To work with Linda on your business branding and marketing, you can contact her via her website, or become part of the growing Business Business Business community on Facebook.

Listen to the Podcast: