stevie-says-socialLast year with spoke with Stevie Dillon from Stevie Says Social about all things marketing, building a business, scaling, leveraging, launching courses and social (of course!).

A former lawyer turned social media marketer, Stevie’s mission is to inspire passionate business owners so they lift their social game and build a profitable business they love.

About Stevie:
Once upon a not-so-awesome time (aka 2007), I worked 9-5 as a trainee lawyer. Thing is, I was more hooked on MySpace than I was with preparing court documents.

The next 10 years were spent working with some of the biggest brands in Australia (think Red Bull, the Queensland Reds and one of Queensland’s biggest real estate brands), fine-tuning a niche in social media marketing.

Over and over, I experienced the power of good socials and a strong content marketing strategy in completely transforming the businesses I worked with.

But on the other hand? I saw small businesses spending their time on the wrong things. Obsessing over the tools and followers. Ignoring the S word [STRATEGY, guys]. And struggling to stand out.

It became my mission to change that.

And so, Stevie Says Social was born.

You can find out more about Stevie at her website: https://steviesayssocial.com/

Listen to the podcast: